Water For Food

$50-Million Pledged for New Food Institute


How much: $50-million pledge

Who got it: The University of Nebraska, to establish the Water for Food Institute, a center that will examine how to feed people around the world with a limited water supply.

Who gave it: Robert B. Daugherty, a co-founder of Valmont Industries, an Omaha company that produces mechanized agricultural irrigation systems and designs and manufactures structures for lighting, communications, and utilities.

How the gift was made: Mr. Daugherty made the gift through his charitable foundation and said the payments would be made over 15 years.

How the gift came about: More than a year ago, university officials approached Mr. Daugherty’s foundation about creating the institute. That conversation helped prompt the foundation to sponsor the university’s inaugural “Water for Food” conference focused on growing food with limited water resources. James B. Milliken, president of the university, says the multidisciplinary nature of the institute—which melds science, technology, policy, law, and education—appealed to Mr. Daugherty.

(Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy Copyright 2010. All rights reserved)