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Gift Law Features

GiftLaw Pro includes ten chapters with over 300+ subchapters on the most important gift planning topics. Each subchapter includes links to Internal Revenue Codes, Treasury Regulations, Private Letter Rulings, Tax Court cases and Supreme Court cases. Over 30,000 links enable the user to quickly move anywhere within the thousands of pages of documents. A comprehensive index provides unparalleled power to find information quickly and easily.

Gift Law PRO

Gift Law PRO Table of Contents:

GiftLaw Pro

Chapter 1 -- Taxation and Giving

Chapter 2 -- Major/Current Gifts

Chapter 3 -- Deferred Gifts

Chapter 4 -- Specific Property Gifts

Chapter 5 -- Difficult Property Gifts

Chapter 6 -- Charitable Deduction Methods

Chapter 7 -- Charitable Organizations

Chapter 8 -- Gift Administration

Chapter 9 -- Tax References