How We Raise Donations

Most clients and donations are a result of direct referrals from professionals such as CPA’s, Tax Attorney’s and Financial Planners. The budget and time allocated to fund rising is limited because we normally work with larger donations that result from the advanced strategies we have developed. We insist on quality control and growth that is well managed. Our preferred client is someone who is currently experiencing personal income tax bills of $100,000 or more yearly. They must meet the criteria as a "Qualified Investor".

Our business plan and model cannot absorb the high level of expense with resource allocation below this need level. Often we will be engaged for a year or longer to complete the cycle of a donation as we work through the obstacles and planning with all the client’s advisors.

The ultimate bottom line for many is that they would rather write the check to a cause that has interest to them rather than sending the money to Uncle Sam!

You can contact us directly by email. As you might imagine we have been bombarded with inquiries from sources primarily seeking our proprietary strategies to apply for their clients while excluding our foundation. Rest assured that if in our judgment the situation is appropriate your advisors will be included and supplied with all necessary information and support documents for review.

Our Process

Once we receive a request for a preliminary complementary conference we place a call to you to discuss your needs and interests. Once agreement is established to further explore the possibilities of your situation, we execute protection agreements including confidentiality.