About The Foundation for Advanced Philanthropy

The Foundation for Advanced Philanthropy is dedicated to restoring and advancing donor involvement by the Foundation networking with other foundations in need of funding aid and by increasing access, education and research opportunity nationally in order to better effect the lives of those in need.

Our Progress:
We began in 2010 following the evolution of the founders’ vision and collective experience of more than 100 years of helping clients solve financial objectives, building businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our business plan for development includes stages and milestones for success. We are on target and have succeeded through the initial stages of planning, testing, formation, and 501(c) (3) IRS approval.

The response from donors and professional advisors has been Exceptional as we have begun accepting donor funds.

As we moved forward rapidly, we also have in place the structural processes and support tools, documents and systems to assist the acceptance of donations to the Foundation. Tax deductions for donations are available now for 2014. Many donors being uncertain of the coming years are maximizing gifts this year. Our strategies may suitable for your objectives.

The Founders and Board Members

How We Raise Donations