Welcome to The Foundation for Advanced Philanthropy

The Foundation for Advanced Philanthropy is dedicated to restoring and advancing donor involvement by the Foundation networking with other foundations in need of funding aid and by increasing access, education and research opportunity nationally in order to effect the lives of those in need by helping the network we serve to provide relief from the effects of the economy to those who are facing pressures on their families, or who feel alone as seniors, adult men and women, working and non-working, displaced children and pets to give them some measure of hope and a chance. 

Our hope is to encourage you to reverse the economy's impact on research and development funding to non-profits and to improve the resulting adverse effect on delivery of philanthropic access to needed services by giving here so that we may provide your generous giving where our Foundation's research for you identifies that it is needed to help others struggling to survive day to day and to advance the science and services that affect our lives.

Update for 2016

2015 was an additional good year with significant activity with Donor Advised Funds (DAF’s). With the leadership changes now completed we expect 2016 to add to the continuing growth during this economically challenging era. We are looking to add additional organizations to support as the cash flow expands.